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According to the most recent information, the Lakers may never have a chance to sign Kyrie Irving.

kyrie irving trade rumors lakers. On Sunday, the Los Angeles Lakers played their first game against Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks since the trade deadline.

Los Angeles started off in a deep hole, but they were able to rally and pull off a stunning victory to greatly increase their prospects of climbing the Western Conference standings.

Around the deadline, Los Angeles actively pushed for Kyrie Irving, but it didn’t seem like the Brooklyn Nets were bargaining honestly. In the end, Brooklyn made a trade with Dallas to pair Luka Doncic with Irving..

Some Lakers supporters are still holding onto the hope that Kyrie may sign with them as a free agency following the 2022–23 season because Irving has so many historical ties to the team.

But, Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report’s most recent information does not bode well for this fantasy.

Irving appears to be motivated by money this offseason, and Dallas is a franchise that can offer him a maximum contract this summer.

One insider claimed that Kyrie’s motivation for leaving Brooklyn was to secure his rights with a franchise that would compensate him. He will want to be in Dallas, so there.

NBA rumours: The Lakers can’t afford to match the Mavericks’ revenue.

Kyrie Irving’s admirers in Los Angeles should accept the fact that he won’t be moving to LA if money is really what he is after this summer.

Irving could only travel to Los Angeles if he made the decision to do so and exerted his star power to make it happen.

The only option for LA to acquire Irving would be through a sign-and-trade unless Irving was ready to accept a significant pay cut.

Even then, though, Irving’s compensation would be limited since the Lakers’ sign-and-trade hard cap would apply. With the hard cap in place, the team would be unable to fill up its roster by paying Irving the maximum amount.

Although disappointing, this is undoubtedly for the franchise’s best long-term interests. Irving has not been a dependable and superstar model.

Also, guards in the NBA often don’t age well, particularly given how important athleticism is to Irving’s success.

Probably after the 2023–2024 season, LeBron James will move to join Bronny James. Davis might also depart if he does. In that case, the Lakers would be forced to deal with a disgruntled Irving.

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