Shepard is perhaps best known for standing in as the rap legend's doppelganger at the MTV Movie Awards,

on tour and in a music video.  

According to TMZ, Shepard's brother Kyle confirmed that he died in January after being hit by an oncoming pickup truck while trying to cross a street.

He was taken to the hospital but was declared brought dead soon. 

Shepard made several appearances as Eminem's stunt and photo double in early controversies,

including at the MTV Movie Awards, where he starred as Rap Boy, 

the superhero character of Without Me the Rapper, which saw him suspended in the air.  

He is also a loHe also appeared on stage with Eminem, 

real name Marshall Mathers, on the musician's Anger Management Tour in 2002 and on a tour of Japan and Europe the following year.

ngtime party activist and ran on