Watch Hoyoverse just livestream the Genshin Effect fix 3.2, showing off a wide range of insights related to the impending patch,

In which Nahida, Dendro Archon are included. Transformed into a robust Dendro tool with attractive detach capabilities,

Nahida will be playable in 3.2. The most dreadful aspect of streams is some of the code

Which offer primogames and various rewards as shown.

Our Genshin Effect 3.2 Livestream Codes List Gives You Three Stream Codes To Remunerate

It makes sense how to recover them. You will need to retrieve these codes fast,

Because they expire on October 24th at 12PM EDT. They reward primogems,

Yet they also give Mora and the globe-trotter the EXP to advance your characters.

To retrieve codes, you can sign in and input them on the code repair site.

You can also enter them in-game via the Settings menu, but it's very easy to duplicate and paste them into a program.

The codes are as follows:


When you retrieve the code, you will receive rewards via in-game mail shortly thereafter.