At the time when the European Parliament voted to make USB-C the common charging standard in the district, it was really clear

Which organization will be most affected by the order. Apples, obviously.

While tech Goliath has so far only had iPad models with USB-C ports,

Its iPhones actually require a Lightning connector. Currently, a meeting on the Take Live occasion of Money Road Diaries

Greg Joswiak, Apple's SVP of overall advertising,

has confirmed that Goliath will be pushing USB-C connectors to agree with EU guidelines.

Clearly, we'll need to go along." WSJ's senior personal innovation editorial,

When asked by Joanna Hersh, Joswiak replied, whether Apple is moving to USB-C. Be that as it may,

guideline continuity, for example, not before discussing the organization's set of experiences

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Because more iPhones can fit in steel trailers. However, not everyone was persuaded with the organization's explanation,

And Apple has been fined a few times in Brazil for eliminating connectors from iPhone bundles.

Under the new EU order, the Macintosh must ship iPhones and iPads with USB-C ports to the region by the end of 2024.