We're just two days away from Super Bowl Sunday at this point, as the nationwide build-up continues for every aspect of The Big Game, 

which of course doesn't involve watching or watching a football game. 

Trailers, puppies, various calorie-dense dips: 

The hype is building, and none of it more intensely than Rihanna's halftime show, 

finally taking the stage she refused to occupy back in 2020,

and Superb marked not only her ascension into the boob stratosphere—and possibly some new music, 

though she's been locking her Fenty-clad lips pretty tightly at that point—but also her first live performance in a whole five years. .  

This is as good a time as any to remind ourselves of one of the strangest quirks of the whole halftime show rigmarole, 

branding, sponsorships, and millions of dollars flying in: 

Rihanna isn't getting paid for anything other than online currencies. Most dangerous—exposure.