Rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis is still alive,

Regardless of reports recently going against the norm, according to Entertainment Weekly's report

 A rep for Lewis, who is (still) 87,

 Made a statement today against an earlier report from TMZ,

In which it was expressed that he had kicked the bucket today. TMZ has expressed regret for the report.

Lewis experienced a stroke in 2019,

 Although he clearly had a sufficiently optimistic outlook on his recovery a year later,

After the fact that he announced an imminent collection of gospel music.

Most recently, he was ranked in the Blue Grass Music Lobby of Popularity,

Despite the fact that he had reportedly refused to attend the function on the proposal of his PCP.

2022: A significantly higher amount than Jerry Lee Lewis would naturally suspect!

Lewis greatly helped create the sound of standard terrifying music during the 1950s,

"Goin' On" and "Extraordinary Bundles of Fire".