The initial iPhone 15 hole guarantees that Apple will shake up its cell phone sector with some eye-catching configuration changes.

For now, it looks like the arrival of another leader model will likely coincide with a change in the progressive center material.

After using fully hardened steel on its premium cell phones since the 2017 iPhone X, famed leaker LeaksApplePro claim

The iPhone 15 Ultra (tipped to replace the Star Max brand) will have a titanium body.

Titanium is far more grounded and lighter than tempered steel, yet it is also jaw-droppingly expensive.

First look at the news of sublimation, the weight ratio of the solidity of titanium is on another level of tempered steel,

Gives practically the same strength at 40% of its own weight. Therefore titanium is commonly used in weight-subordinate applications,

Additionally, titanium is 3-4 times more grounded than hardened steel of the same weight. This will give Apple options:

Cut the load on the iPhone 15 Ultra without losing power, keeping the same weight and delivering the world's most grounded cell phone,

Establish some sort of harmony between the two. Titanium appears like an easy decision because of the advantages,

While this isn't exclusive to cell phones, its price is. Titanium is valued at $35-50 for every kilogram,