Esther Panich was sipping her coffee on a Sunday morning when her husband returned with the newspaper, to his surprise.  

The fliers, which the Talmud, a holy Jewish text, describes as "satanic", were bundled into three plastic bags and weighed down with corn kernels so they would not blow away.  

Panich called the Sandy Springs police in his Atlanta suburb and soon learned of surrounding blocks and homes in the

Greater Atlanta area, prompting a police investigation, reprimand and offer of assistance from the governor, 

and according to Panich, highlighted Went. There is a need to move forward on a law that spells out in clear terms what anti-Semitism is.  

Panich, the only Jewish state legislator in Georgia, told The Washington Post,

"It was disturbing, infuriating — a lot of people are scared." "It's too easily dismissed as a one-off, 

but stuff like this has been going on for months. But now they've put it on my driveway, so I'm going to use my public megaphone, And people will know about it."