Shotgun Wedding’ movie review: Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel stuck in a dreadful dud

This rom-com lives in its own special cell of hell, where horrible movies go to die

Just when you thought 2023 was going to be a good year at the movies, with a prehistoric shark for company,

comes Shotgun Wedding. It is not even the kind of existentially bad film that prompts you to debate your place in the world

Shotgun Wedding is just dreadful in a boring, half-hearted way. It is even more appalling to watch JLo stuck in such a demeaning exercise.

Darcy (Lopez) and Tom (Josh Duhamel) are getting married in a beautiful island in the Philippines

Like all weddings, there is stuff to navigate despite the best efforts of the manager,

Marge (Selena Tan from Crazy Rich Asians). Darcy does not want her super-rich dad,

(Cheech Marin) to pay for it and Tom wants to give Darcy the perfect wedding, while proving to his in-laws that he is the right man for their baby girl.