Prior to October, Google began itemizing Google Home for Web Insights.

Earlier today, the organization reported that starting this week,

You'll have the option to stream your Home Camera directly to your PC via a refreshed site.

When the update is experienced this week, there's a nice detail of the cameras (recorded below)

Which considers fast for web capability. Survey past feeds, you have access to cameras on/off,

There will be an o ption to wake up battery controlled cameras when idle, along with viewing camera conditions.

Home Cam (Battery) and Home Cam (Wired)

Home camera with floodlight (wired)

Home Doorbell (Battery), Home Doorbell (Wired), and Home Doorbell (Wired, Second Generation)

Home Cam Indoor and Home Cam Outside

Home Cam Intelligence Level Indoor and Home Cam Intelligence Level Open Air

1. Go to on your personal computer.

2. Sign in with the same Google Account that you use in the Google Home app.

3. Watch live streams instantly from your cameras.

4. Toggle between single camera view and multi-camera view.