When it comes to major design refinements, we can't think of any smartphone maker that

does a better job year after year of maintaining its brand identity while making slow and

marginal progress than Sony. Is.  The company is unlikely to start from scratch and put out a fundamentally new high-

end Android handset in 2023 or so, instead pitting the Xperia 1 IV against all other

contenders for the title of best phone Trying to keep up with everything. 2022.

Right around the same time, Sony is clearly trying something different on the Xperia 1 V (pronounced Xperia One Mark Five) as it

continues its search for the perfect tall smartphone.

Based on a new set of renders revealed by the always reliable Steve Hemmerstoffer aka @OnLeaks in

collaboration with Green Smartphones, the decidedly unconventional and totally iconic 21:9 aspect ratio isn't going anywhere,

and neither is the overall sharper It's the square, and boxy form of the company's most advanced Android-powered slab.