Spending-focused cell phone brand Vertu has captured Web3 with the new Metavertu handset.

It sports various 'ordinary' lead grade elements, for example, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 controlled gadget and a massive FHD+ AMOLED display,

Yet to extend them with highlights,

For example, a "secure chip" for a client's blockchain practice also completes a decision of premium that includes a croc cowhide back board.

Which drives the cost of MetaVertu's USD into the five digits. Vertu is back and betting on being some crypto tycoon,

Those who need their cell phone to reflect their very good quality on-chain way of life.

With this in mind, MetaVertu is rated for "change from Web 2 to Web 3" with a tick inside its framework.

The UK-based super-very-good quality cell phone brand even says it has "10T IPFS" stockpiling, a "metaspace encoded space" and an A5 "protection chip"

Important to achieve NFT, the cell phone can clearly make from any picture taken with your camera in one step.

MetaVertu also coordinates its own "Worth" wallet and begins to eliminate encoded IM administration in order to keep all "secrets" of the "WeTalk" client safe.

That's down to the primary 64MP "Mankind camera" with 35mm focal point, 55W charging for its 4,600mAh battery and 6.7-inch Cascade Show - of course,

That's how to run from US$3,600 to $41,500 - possibly based on how MetaVertu's top-end 18GB smash/1TB is similarly done with 18K gold inside the SKU's storage.