As the city and surrounding areas celebrate Diwali without any limits after a break of two years,

The pattern has changed after the coronavirus situation. From enrolling in an exercise center to eating less and the wellness bundle,

From proficiency projects to salon bundles and impermeability to beverages,

Individuals across the city have tracked down creative approaches to give to friends and family this Diwali.

While some people are giving handmade canvases, some are picking up machines. Otherwise too,

Many people are thinking about the well being of their friends and family due to the pandemic.

Preeti, who runs High Impact Exercise and Wellness Focus, said, “There are people who will join my class from November 1 because they have been gifted a wellness bundle at my centre.

Some have been given several months' package and some have been given several months' package. i accept

That post coronavirus, there has been a structural shift towards health and people feel that this is the best gift one can give.

In fact, even the other person is happy to admit it." Shreya Goyal, who runs a chain of diet centers, said,

"I think it's 'Kalyan Wali Diwali' or 'Poshan Wali Diwali' this year. This Diwali, without limits, without limits, is completely different

People are focusing on well being. Many people are giving regular bundles of food as gifts. People are really aware of tricity.

People are loving these gifts a ton. They think it's a beneficial thing."